Lavazza's Coffee: A Taste of Italy in Every Cup

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Lavazza's Coffee: A Taste of Italy in Every Cup

A comprehensive guide to Lavazza coffee including its history, types of coffee, brewing tips, and why it offers an authentic Italian coffee experience.
Lavazza's Coffee: A Taste of Italy in Every Cup

With over 120 years of history, Lavazza is one of the most iconic Italian coffee brands. Known for its rich, full-bodied espresso, Lavazza brings a taste of Italy to coffee lovers around the world.

Table of Contents

  • History of Lavazza
  • Types of Lavazza Coffee
  • Brewing Lavazza Coffee
  • The Authentic Italian Coffee Experience
  • Frequently Asked Questions

History of Lavazza

The story of Lavazza begins in Turin, Italy in 1895. Founder Luigi Lavazza opened a small grocery store and began selling coffee. At the time, coffee was an exotic luxury only available to the upper classes. Luigi wanted to make great coffee accessible to everyone.

In the early 1900s, Luigi sent his son Pericle to Brazil to source high quality coffee beans directly from plantations. This enabled Lavazza to provide consistent quality. Lavazza also pioneered innovations like vacuum sealed packaging to preserve freshness.

Lavazza’s popularity grew rapidly in Italy. By the 1960s, it became one of most respected coffee brands due to its quality and pioneering marketing campaigns. Today, Lavazza exports its authentic Italian coffee worldwide.

Key Dates in Lavazza's History

  • 1895 - Luigi Lavazza opens his first grocery store in Turin, Italy
  • Early 1900s - Pericle Lavazza travels to Brazil to source coffee beans
  • 1960s - Lavazza runs iconic ad campaigns and becomes leading Italian coffee brand
  • 1970s - Lavazza pioneers vacuum sealed packaging to preserve freshness
  • 1991 - Lavazza establishes its coffee museum, Esposizione Lavazza

Types of Lavazza Coffee

"Lavazza offers a wide range of coffee blends and single origin coffees to suit every taste and preference..."

Espresso Roast Coffee Blends

Lavazza is especially known for its blends designed for espresso. These include:

  • Qualità Rossa - Lavazza's signature full-bodied blend with rich aroma and notes of dried fruit.
  • Espresso Cremoso - A smoother, creamier espresso blend with chocolate notes.
  • Espresso Intenso - A strong, intense espresso with powerful aroma and woody notes.

Single Origin Coffees

In addition to its blends, Lavazza offers single origin coffees from top growing regions:

  • Kafa Ethiopia - From Sidamo region, with floral and citrus notes.
  • Tierra Colombia - Sweet and balanced coffee from Columbian highlands.
  • Caffè Espresso Brasile - Smooth Brazilian coffee with low acidity.

Decaffeinated and Flavored Coffees

"For those who prefer decaf or flavored coffee, Lavazza provides options like:"

  • Qualità Oro Decaffeinato - Full-bodied decaf espresso
  • Caffè Espresso Vaniglia - Espresso with vanilla flavor
  • Caffè Espresso Caramello - Notes of sweet caramel

Brewing Lavazza Coffee

"It's easy to brew an authentic Italian coffee experience with Lavazza."

Tips for Espresso

"For rich, creamy espresso, Lavazza recommends:"

  • Use a burr grinder to freshly grind beans to medium-fine texture.
  • Use approximately 7 grams of ground coffee per shot.
  • Tamp grounds evenly and firmly.
  • Pull shots in 25-30 seconds.
  • Milk should be steamed to 60-65°C.

For Other Brew Methods

"Lavazza coffee also shines in drip coffee, French press, and pour over. Follow standard brewing procedures for best results."

Some tips include:

  • Grind beans medium-fine for drip, medium for French press.
  • Use 55-60 grams of coffee per liter of water.
  • Pour water just off boiling, around 90-95°C.
  • Brew for approximately 4 minutes.

The Authentic Italian Coffee Experience

"What makes Lavazza coffee special is its rich, complex flavor that evokes the true Italian coffee tradition."

Quality Beans

"Lavazza sources the world's best coffee beans from Rainforest Alliance Certified farms. Combined with rigorous quality control, this produces an unparalleled coffee experience."

The Lavazza Blend

"Lavazza's master blenders carefully craft each espresso blend to balance acidity, bitterness, and sweetness. This harmony of flavors creates the Lavazza taste profile loved by Italians."

True Italian Style

"Italians have perfected espresso into an artform - the grind, dose, tamp, and shot pull all matter. Lavazza follows this meticulous approach to draw out every nuance of flavor and aroma from each bean."

"As Luigi Lavazza said: "Buono fino all'ultima goccia" - good until the last drop. Every cup of Lavazza delivers the passion of Italian coffee."

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Lavazza high quality coffee?

Yes, Lavazza has been dedicated to quality and innovation for over 120 years. Their rigorous standards from bean to cup ensure an authentic Italian coffee experience.

What is Lavazza's most popular coffee?

Lavazza Qualità Rossa is their signature blend, noted for its rich flavor and full body. It's a favorite for espresso-based drinks.

Where can I buy Lavazza coffee?

Lavazza coffee is widely available at grocery stores, online, and at specialty Italian food stores worldwide. You can also buy directly from their website.

How do I make Lavazza espresso at home?

To make Lavazza espresso, use a burr grinder for an even medium-fine grind. Dose 7 grams per shot, tamp firmly, and pull the shot in 25-30 seconds. Milk should be steamed to 60-65°C for optimal flavor.


For over a century, Lavazza has delivered an authentic taste of Italy to the world. Their passion for quality shines through in every blend, from the iconic Rossa to single origin coffees. By following Italian brewing traditions, anyone can experience the rich pleasures of Lavazza at home. Each sip is a taste of the Lavazza legacy.

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